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Monthly Retainer: Under a monthly retainer arrangement, you will receive unlimited legal services at a fixed monthly fee.  Note: The minimum retention period is four months.  


Hourly: Under a hourly fee arrangement, you pay an initial retainer and are billed in increments of a hour at a specified rate. This arrangement is most often used in litigation cases. 


Flat Fee: For a single matter or certain other projects, a flat fee arrangement may be your best option. Under this arrangement, we assess the proposed work and quote a fee based on the extent and assumed complexity of the assignment. A "flat fee" arrangement may also be appropriate for "start-up" and business formation matters. 




Monthly retainers start at $550. Hourly billing rates range between $200 to $575 per hour.  Flat fee pricing begins at $600 per project. 


** All costs (e.g., court  costs, agency fees, filing fees,  costs, messenger fees, photocopies, deposition transcripts, court reporters, expert witness fees, etc.) are billed separately. 


** All rates are subject to change.






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